Shining the Light of Iomedae on a Dark World

So many adventures I have been on since joining with this team. Who would ever thought that a boy from a rural village would end up not only a cleric of Iomedae but also a Marshal of a quickly growing kingdom?!? It was only in our last trip back to Bandit's Rest that I realized I have been so focused on doing good out in the world and vanquishing evil that I forgot about the needs of our people right here! No wonder that all of the citizens attend those grotesque coliseums that the Temple of Gorum holds every holiday, they don't realize that there is a time and a place for using might for the greater good and not nonsensically. I have been thinking about the challenge that Iomedae's avatar placed on me and I have realized that the way to win followers to my goddess is not to try and beat that crazy inquisitor or her cleric, but rather that I need to serve the people. Thus, I have placed my acolytes in charge of providing kitchens for the hungry as well as a few of my temple guard to pay attention to any acts of ill repute that cause harm to others. Further, I have instructed everyone that anyone who visits our temple is not to pay anything for services that we provide. I have obtained plenty from my adventures to cover the needs of my flock. Finally, I want to ensure that our people can care for themselves as well, and the temple is open to any who want to learn the craft of healing, regardless of who they pay homage to. Iomedae is more about ensuring that good is being done in this city, she is not like other deities who has to hear her name be praised to feel accepted by her people. This is how I will spread the word of Iomedae to the people, praise be to the Light and the goodness She shines on us!



Targilnar cybercrusader

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