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Over the last year, Shella’s fever dream has taken form, and at the outskirts of Bandit’s Rest now stands a towering edifice to the Lord of Iron. A massive complex, part cathedral, part garrison, part military academy, and part blood soaked entertainment for the masses. The Complex occupies almost an entire district of the city.

Visitors and applicants alike pass under an arch of black marble and polished iron depicting the Lord of Iron meeting (and defeating) dozens of nameless other gods and monsters in battle. From the circular central courtyard filled with odd statues and terrain (savvy visitors will realize that even the courtyard is set up for live battle scenarios), a grand pathway leads to the cathedral of Gorum.

The Cathedral is mostly left to the open air but can be covered if needed. Simple, even brutal by the standards of other faiths, it stands as one of the largest places of Gorum worship for hundreds of miles in every direction. Curiously for a worshiper of Gorum, Shella has foregone the traditional Iron spiked that typically adorn Gorumite places of worship, opting instead for adorning the walls and battlements with steel plates depicting famous battles from Golarion’s history. These are depicted without regard to the righteousness of any side, and include historical details before being polished to a mirror sheen.

Gorum’s church claims no holy text, but it does feature a set of seven holy poems called the_ Gorumskagat_. Worship services proclaim the need for the faithful to keep their mind and weapons sharp, and often includes practical advice for maintaining weapons and armor. The music for services and to announce the close of each day is primarily percussion instruments and the townspeople can feel the music as much as hear it.

Outreach to Arboria
The hand of Gorum offers the community much more than just a place of bombastic worship however. It also boasts an impressive garrison and military academy. Anyone who calls themselves a citizen of Arboria may present themselves at the gates and request to be trained. One of the school masters will evaluate the candidate, and as long as they are able to undertake the trials and survive the basic training, will be accepted. No one may be made to cross the line and join the school, but minor criminals are often allowed the chance to join as penance for their crimes, with the proviso they must complete the training and attend one of the guilds for no less than a year.

Once inside a candidate is put through 8 weeks of punishing physical conditioning before even being allowed to touch a practise weapon or don practise armor. Healers are on hand to keep the candidates healthy and going strong. After this period follows three months of weapon practise and armor training, as well as a brief overview of battle and dozens of practise matches against the fellow classmates.

In all things the curriculum stresses conflict, adversity, and throwing yourself against the enemy with all your zeal. This applies to any endeavor, be it battle, or academic achievement. However, it also stresses that when the battle is done, as is the competition, as all men are dust beneath the heel of the Iron Lord.

After this is completed the trainee is provided with the opportunity to apprentice under one of the guild armorers. They spend this month learning the proper care and creation of weapons. To graduate and be allowed to leave they must, under only guidance of a master armorer, create a weapon, shield, helmet, or breastplate for their own use.

At this point, upon graduation, a trainee can leave the school, and does so with the blessing of a priest of Gorum, a piece of wargear forged by their own hand, the remaining pieces donated by the school, and with an appreciation for how to be in a battle.

The Guilds and the Iron Games
For those who remain, who hear the call of battle singing within their hearts, they are welcome to stay, and join the Iron Games. The iron games are a public spectacle, where gladiators perform in the arenas

To encourage competition and rivalry between Gladiators, the coordinators place them into one of four BattleGuilds within the Hand. Each of these functions similarly, esposing a particular style of fighting, and boasting an artificer’s guild to aid the gladiators. Each gladiator is expected to learn the crafts that underlay their way of fighting, and to eventually replace the wargear provided by the Hand with ones made by their own.


  • Silvertalon espouses the value of positioning and ranged combat, and use a variety of methods to keep the enemy at a distance. Their house colors are Blue and Silver and their symbol is a rearing, spike covered dragon. Their Guild creates ranged weapons, and studies Military History.
  • Sablehawk teaches the value of stealth and surprise, crafting cunning traps and relying on light armor and skirmish tactics to carry the day. Their house colors are black and yellow. and their symbol is a black hawk bursting forth from the ground. Their guild Creates Traps, and leatherworking.
  • Redblade focuses exclusively on combat with melee weapons, relying only on skill with a blade and constant training to outmatch any enemy. Their colors are Crimson and White, their symbol is a simple red sword on a white field, and they craft weapons and study soldiery.
  • Adamant relies on heavy armor to turn aside the blows and tricks of the other houses, forming a relentless wall of steel against all comers. Their colors are Gold and Green, and their symbol is a dented helm. They craft armor and study engineering.

A small sub guild within the Hand of Gorum actually performs as a PR house, promoting events and creating characters. They use a printing press, a few marketing gurus, and a small army of criers to promote upcoming bouts between gladiators. In fact there is even a storefront, selling weapons and armor created by your favorite gladiator.

The Ironbound
From the beginning of their training, an individual can be marked by the guildmasters. As champions and gladiators may move through various houses. Those who perform well in all are observed and invited to join the Ironbound. Shella’s developing elite guard. At this point they are taken out of the rotation and given intense lessons at the academy, studying philosophy, small unit tactics, and military history.

Teams of 8-12 are created and have an arcane and clerical support personnel added to the team. This group will then train relentlessly against themselves and other teams, and enhance the armor and weapons they already have. If they prove capable and loyal, a team will swear an oath to the lord of battle under supervision of Shella herself. The soldiers will design this oath themselves, and it is structured to create loyalty between the battle companions, engendering trust and solidarity between them.

These teams make up the Ironbound an elite guard of trained soldiers loyal to the lord of battle and each other. Greatful to Shella and Arboria for their training and support.

The Iron Lady’s Right Hand
At this time, Shella is looking for a battle companion and has her eye on several of the better known gladiators. Though not necessarily the top gladiator in each house, Shella believes them all to be competent and someone who could work well with her.

Mace Cragsunder – House Adamant Lineman
Dwarf Fighter 5 / Stalwart Defender 1
A dwarf possessed of a traditionally stoic demeanor. He is a cautious perfectionist who focuses almost exclusively on turning aside blows with his armor and supporting his team by planting solidly in choke points and threatening the enemy with reach weapons and ranged attacks.

Darris Corstar – House Sablehawk Farfielder
Gnome Magus 6
A popular gladiator, Darris is a gnome who is just at home swinging his sword as he is throwing a flashy spell downrage to disorient and distract the enemy. Intensely, even opressively filled with good cheer, his popularity with the children of Arboria and willingness to make public appearances makes him valuable to the Hand.

Everiel Aedithas – House Redblade Battle Captain
Half-Elf Cleric of Gorum 6
A cleric of Gorum and leader of her own team, Everiel is a brilliant strategist and ruthless tactician whose booming voice and shouted prayers spell defeat for her foes. However, off the field she is calm, soft spoken, and intensely focused on study and worship. She doesnt interview particularly well, but has a die-hard group of fans that appear to every event she is in.

Elora Addan – House Silvertalon Harasser
Drow Ranger 6
The current fan favorite of the games, a classic “Heel” and the game’s storyline current big bad, Elora Addan is a wicked, dirty fighter, who uses traps, low cunning, and mockery to own the games she is in. No one quite knows how she so convincingly plays the stereotypical Drow quite so well…

Above all this, Shella oversees her network of managers and guildmasters from a sanctum overlooking the complex, a massive, well equipped war room from which she one day hopes to oversee the wars of the fledgling kingdom. She hopes to expand the hand to include magic item creation facilities and begin creating sub organizations in other cities and kingdoms.

Most important of all to Shella is that all of the costs of the endeavor are now subsidized by the organization, and that there is no cost to the average citizen, beyond concessions and the occasional merchandise purchased. No one in Arboria who wants to know how to fight will be left unable to if Shella, now being referred to as the Iron Lady, has anything to say of it.

Game Stats

Ok ive got all the math on this saved but here is the highlights, basically by investing about 600gp of my own cash and building 5 buildings simultaneously, I had everything snowball and had plenty of resources. However, I had to hire 9 foremen to make sure that the building timetable didn’t suffer. However, by day 87 or so of 150 the Hand was producing enough resources and GP to finish growing and be self sufficient.

The Hand of Gorum consists of the Following:


Altar (x2), Animal Pen (x2), Archery Range (x2), Armory (x4), Bar (x1), Bath (x2), BattleRing (x3), Bedroom (x4), Bell Tower (x2), Book Repository (x3), Bunks (x4), Cell (x2), Ceremonial Room (x2), Classrooms (x2), Common Room (x4), Confessional, Courtyard (x2), Crypt, Defensive Wall, Dojo (x2), Game Room, Garden, Greenhouse, Guard Post, Infirmary (x3), Kitchen (x6), Lavatory (x6) Lodging, Offices (x4), Reliquary, Sanctum, Scriptorium, Secret Room, Sports Field (x2), Stall (x2), Statue (x5), Storage (x6), Store Front, War Room, Workstations (x9)


In addition to the regular maintenance staff and support personnel the following teams represent the various organizations and guilds within the Hand of Gorum:

Teams: Acolytes x8, Apprentices x12, Beuarocrats x16, Cavalry x4, Cavalry Archers x2, Craftspeople x20, Cutpurses x4, Driver x12, Elite Archers x4, Elite Guards x5, Elite Soldiers x8, Guards x8, Laborers x16, Lackeys x2, Mage x6, Priest x6, Robbers x4, Sage x3, Scofflaws x1, Skirmishers x4, Soldiers x8,
Stewards x10

Managers: Abbot x3, Accountant x2, Animal Keeper x1, Doctor x2, Guildmaster (Artisan) x2, Headmaster x2, Innkeeper x2, Lieutenant x6, Master Carpenter x2, Master Scout x1, Master Smith x2, Sensei x4, Smuggler x2, Stage Manager x6, Steward x5, Warden x1

Total Staff: 1650 (1020 support staff, 587 People in teams, 43 managers)


Each Week, the Hand of Gorum spends 1 work day generating each resource. All teams and rooms within that are able to direct their energies to this purpose. The combined bonuses of the teams and rooms in the hand are as follows:

GP: +1286
GOODS: +462
INF: +943
LABOR: +612
MAGIC: +288

Thus each week the Hand generates the following Capital:

GP: 130
INF: 95

All proceeds are put back into the Hand to fund operations and community outreach. The GP generated each week goes to pay the specialist fees.

I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that school… looking for trouble.



Structure - Hand of Gorum

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