Magister Narzeth Cenisan

Magister of Arboria


Head: Stag Helm
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +2
Body: Quick Runner Shirt
chest: traveler’s outfit
wrist: bracers of armor +1
Ring 1: Cenisan Family Signet Ring
Ring 2: Ring of Sustenance
Shield: Mythril Caster’s Shield

Narzeth’s Masterwork Lucky LIght Crossbow (on back, but not equipped)
lesser rod of Maximize Magic (equipped in right hand)
Ceremonial Bone Dagger (in sheath on belt)
Darts (10)
Crossbow Bolts (26)

Handy Haversack – Gives 80 + 20 + 20 lbs of space

Items in Handy Haversack:
1. Snapleaf (Immediate action for feather fall and invisibility once)
2. Traveler’s Any Tool
3. Flint and Steel
4. Loaf of Bread (2)
5. Hunk of Cheese (2)
6. Chalk (1)
7. Flask (filled with water) (1)
8. Alchemist’s Fire (1)
9. Wand of Burning Hands (2 charges)
10. Wand of Magic Missiles 3rd (28 charges)
11. +1 flaming crossbow bolts (7)
12. Crossbow bolts Cold Iron (29)
13. Scroll of Haste
14. Page of Spell Knowledge: Enlarge Person


Starday the 21st of Erastus, 2017

It’s been a month since my friends and I defeated the Staglord. Gelros really showed that guy how to dance before we stabbed him to death! Anyway, we’re now back at the Staglord’s fort and we’re planning to turn this shithole into a real fortress. Construction has already begun and people have started to swarm to our banner from all across the land. What an exciting time to be alive!

Moonday the 1st of Rova, 2017

So, funny thing happened today. I went to my study to meet with an emissary from the Sword Lords, but was very surprised to find myself meeting not with an emissary, but with a beautiful young woman dressed all in black who went by the name “Raven.” She claimed to be from the royal house of Surtova, but it must a minor house since I have never even heard mention of the name of her father or brothers. She was quite elusive when I asked her to explain why she had come to my tower, saying only that she needed help to translate an ancient text. I said, “yes” because, well, how could I refuse such a beautiful woman who, as it turns out, also happens to have extensive knowledge of the arcane?

Sunday the 31st of Kuthona, 2017

Raven and I have grown close over the months that she has been staying with me at my tower, yet I still know so little about her background. Every now and then she will enlist my aid in translating a few words that appear to be an ancient form of Aklo, but beyond that I have no idea what she is working on. I suspect that the ancient looking tome bound in some type of odd-looking leather (it couldn’t really be human skin, could it?) is the reason that she has come here, but I just don’t understand why she won’t tell me more about it.


Sunday the 10th of Calistril, 2017

Finally, my true love has entrusted me with her secret and it is both horrifying and wonderful at the same time. The bad news is that the woman I love is slowly dying from a curse that greatly accelerates how quickly she ages with the passing of each day. The good news, however, is that the tome she clings to so tightly seems to offer a cure. She said that she obtained the tome from an evil fey long in her past and she showed me a diagram of a device of tremendous power called a “soul siphon.” I am going to place an order for a few of the materials that I know we will need and then we are going to translate the last few pages together. With luck, we can begin our work on this magnificent device as early as tomorrow!

Moonday the 2nd of Rova, 2018

Our work is complete and the device that brings immortality within our grasp is fully operational. I can already see that it is working every time I look at Raven and see her healthy smile. She has been sick for a long time, but the machine has worked wonders for her health and she seems to be getting stronger with the passage of each day. Seeing her like that makes all of this worth it. I never would have dreamed of draining soul energy from the villagers before she came, but my need is great and, besides, its not like they’ll lose more than a few days or weeks of their lives because my actions. They’re just peasants, right?

I haven’t exactly been forthcoming with my travel companions about what I’ve been up to. When Jaric came by the tower the other day, he asked why a strange looking device had rather suddenly appeared on the top of my tower. I told him it was a decorative lightning rod and asked him if he liked it. He nodded and went about his business.

I know that my companions have grown to accept Raven as one of our own, but still it’s probably better if they never know the true purpose of the device. I suspect that Jaric would have the strongest objections, but would his respect for Raven be enough for even one as devout as he to look the other way? Hopefully, we never have to find out.


Magister Narzeth Cenisan

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