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Party Bought 
    50gp    100 Trail Rations
Gelros Bought 
    10gp    Banner (Restov)        3 lbs
    5gp        Longspear             9 lbs

Explored Plains Hex
    Met Old Man Bokken
        Can craft any potion of 2nd level or less
        Quest: Gatering Fangberries
Explored Plains Hex
Explored Plains Hex
Explored Hills Hex
    Found Nettles Crossing (Destroyed bridge and burned down hut)
Explored Hills Hex
    Found buried loot bag
Explored Plains Hex
    Trapdoor Spider
    Dead body in lair
Explored Forest Hex
    Found Striped Dog (befriended and released)
Explored Hills Hex
    Fangberries, Spider Swarm
Exploring Hills Hex
    Lake, Wooden Timber Fort

Attack on Bandit Camp

Intimidated Fat Nory into silence
Luke started combat… prematurely
Hideous Laughter on the Stag Lord (totally worked)
Lt saw us start attacking him and said "Time to take out the trash" then attacked the stag lord

4/4 adventures

Convinced the Kobalds to join our kingdom, need to start educating them and training them to mine their home mine.
Found a tomb of a barbarian chiefton with undead inside and slaughtered them. Very nice loot! +2 feybane longsword.
Decided to skip taking mushrooms from a plant monster and skipped exploring a tower in the middle of a lake.
A madman almost killed Gelros before we slaughtered him.

We shall rule!

Started ruling our kingdom, players began building major kingdom upgrades.
Explored 3 hexes, cleared a fishing hole from a dangerous snapping turtle (kept the shell).
Got back to town, managed to track down a werewolf but he bit Kriss first….

It's a Witch!

Sooo, we killed the Witch of the Swamps scarecrow.  Apparently going into her yard was a bad idea.  She is not happy with us.

A provocateur showed up in Bandits Rest.  Although Kriss almost caused problems with a hasty attack it failed.  In an extended debate Gelros shows up the bard and he runs away.

Pulled the wagon of Jubilost Narthropple out of the river.  He is going on an exploration expidition.

Melianse the Nixie was being accosted by lumberjack who wanted to harvest trees by her pool.  We arrange for the lumberjacks to work elsewhere and our High priest to declare her grove a holy site for Erastil.  


Quest chains

Started off by killing the sythetree for the dryad.  

Manage to convince the Dryad to become our Grand diplomat.  We will bring her tree to life and send her forth!

More hexes explored, Dryad and Nixie are watching our borders.

Killed a Quickling in an old elven fort.  Pain in the neck little guy.  Also a fey assassin guy with a pet assassin vine who got 1-shot by Carl doing 92 dmg at lvl 5.

The Dancing Lady

We finished exploring the Keep, a couple of traps didn't get us but the dancing lady did.  A Fey that fascinates people by dancing made us all watch while she drained most of Shella's blood.  Claimed the keep then went back to town so she could recover for a few weeks….

Our kingdom is expanding nicely and VERY stable.  We quick pulled in the Dryad and her Satyr so now we have a Grand Diplomat.  We have begun expanding the country again.  

We buy a boat and head off to the island with a keep on it.  Covered in nettles it also has lots of Will O Whips.

Deadly island....

The Whisps on the island were quite shocking and managed to almost kill Jaric with critical lightning touches.  We decide to head back to town and buy a BUNCH of oil to burn off all the nettles.  Also bought a scroll of hallow so the fear affect on the tower goes away.  We didn't manage to clear all the Whisps but we did burn off all the nettles and kill off several of the Whisps.


We decide to leave the wisps alone for a bit and explore looking for the missing child.  We find him in a lizard camp being tortured by alligator things.  The king tries to kill us but we get him.  A Wisp trying to look like a god of some kind tried to avenge him and we had to slaughter him as well.  We then convinced one of the females to take over as ruler and be our new ally.  Took the boy back to town and handed him back to his parents leveling up to 7.


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