Manifest Destiny

Build me a cathedral! No! Sudo build me a cathedral?

The 2nd Month of the 2nd Year of the Kingdom of Arboria

Much has happened in the past several weeks, but I have had little time to write about it. I'm stealing a quiet moment now as I travel to survey the northern plains, which Gelros has decided to claim as the next frontier to add to the growing Kingdom of Arboria.

But let me back up. Following the purging of the troll lair and the reclamation of its bounty, we returned to Bandit's Rest to deal with the devastation wrought by the mad owlbear. We sent a small party of laborers guarded by warriors of the Hand of Gorum to retrieve the remaining useful goods that we could not carry back ourselves. They have not yet returned. In the meantime, there is much work to be done.

Gelros is personally directing the rebuilding of the castle. Meanwhile, he and the others have commissioned me as the Marshall of Arboria. At first I was surprised, but then I realized that Gelros is desperately in need of qualified individuals to feel crucial leadership positions. Making me the Marshall frees Jaric to take the Warden's position and turn his attention to the city. I think this is wise. However, my new responsibilities as the guardian of the frontier leave little time for leisure.

At home (how quickly Arboria has become home!), the citizens have been demanding a cathedral. Sometimes I do not comprehend the masses: the lose homes, shops, libraries, and taverns, but what do they want? A religious establishment so they can be beguiled into giving up their precious money to the various churches!


The 3rd Month of the 2nd Year of the Kingdom of Arboria

The caravan to the troll lair has returned. They were attacked en route by a forest drake and lost 7 good foot soldiers. I have a note to track it down so we can dispatch it.


The 5th Month of the 2nd Year of the Kingdom of Arboria

We have been busy! The rebuilding of Bandit's Rest continues at a steady pace, but Gelros has been conserving resources to construct a cathedral. The unrest over our lack of religious facilities continues to threaten stability, but it has not proven difficult to deal with… yet. The other lords also had to deal with a nascent cult of, what did they call them, gnomercists perhaps? Apparently there are those who think that gnomes are inferior and should be purged from among us. Gelros will have none of that attitude here; ours is a merit-based society.

Progress continues on the northern frontier: roads and farms springing up everywhere. I'm trying to promote responsible development practices so that the land can continue to support wildlife for hunting, fishing, and the like. It's too early to tell whether anyone is listening. In any case, the north plains are rapidly becoming the breadbasket of Arboria and I have spent much of my time recently coordinating patrols to ensure their safety.

In other news, some famous scholar or another made several important discoveries while helping to rebuild and reorganize the castle libraries. It has increased Arboria's standing among other small kingdoms quite a bit.


The 6th Month of the 2nd Year of the Kingdom of Arboria

​​​​​​​At last, the cathedral is built! In the ensuing revelry, the peasantry got drunk and lit several homes and businesses on fire. One house burned to the ground. Typical.

The borders have been quiet, and Arboria continues to prosper. I am fully settled into my new role and working to establish an official post and survey service for the kingdom, rather than simply the haphazard local yeoman patrols I have been working with up until now. (In fact, I have a request out to an old friend to see if he will join me.) Still, we've managed to completely explore the surrounding lands and continue to add more land to the kingdom.

We did finally track down and destroy that pesky forest drake. It was almost not worth the trip for the whole party: I placed only a single arrow in it before Narzeth simply blew it out of the air with a fiery ball. Shella seemed disappointed. Kris seemed bored.

With the cathedral finally built, we are turning our attention toward an expedition to Varynhold, which has been at the back of my mind for a while now. Word of our impending journey has leaked out, and there is much interest in it. We've received requests to bring back all manner of strange items, from fresh eels and a roc egg to someone's sister. I look forward to departing soon; I need some fresh adventure.



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