Baern Gorondur

Cohort of Gelros



Baern Gorondur is a bit of an oddity among his people, a Dwarven Wizard. He didn’t start out seeking to become a wizard, he just sort of fell into it. At the tender age of 37 he and his twin sister decided to take more direct action in service to their gods. He joined the ranks of Torags Warpriests and she became a Forgemaster of Brigh. It soon became readily apparent that Baern had a gift for crafts (suiting for a follower of the Father of Creation) but more than that he found the magic bound up in items of power to be fascinating. Within only a few short years he requested leave of the order to join a group of wizards in Absalom. He studied there for many years honing his skills and becoming at least well known withing the right circles for his talent.

During a visit to the Kitharodian Academy for study (they have a fascinating self playing orchestra there) he ran across a young Bard in training named Gelros. They had run into each other while in the Arcane studies section of the main library and Gelros offered to help him navigate the stacks in order to find what he was looking for. Despite the oddness of their origins they became close friends and kept in touch throughout Gelros’ training since quite a bit of traffic went between Oppara and Absalom as two of the largest cities in the region. The same year that he would be celebrating his 100th year with the guild he received an invitation and request from Gelros. Having just become baron of a new territory he wanted to know of Baern would assist him in setting up a new magic library designed from the ground up to be a place of the most dedicated research.

Baern Gorondur

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