Structure - Nithlara’s Farmstead

Farm and Outpost


Nestled at the edge of the woodlands outside of Bandit’s Rest is Nithlara’s farmstead. Nith purchased the land from a local settler and spent nearly half a year transforming it into a well-run farm. The farmland and forest serve as a buffer against the rapid expansion of Bandit’s Rest, allowing Nith some peace and quiet away from the city bustle and a well-appointed workshop for crafting bows and arrows. More practically, Nithlara and her hired team are using the farming proceeds to build capital for her next business endeavor…

Game mechanics

Nithlara’s Farmhouse: Common Room x1, Sitting Room x1, Bedroom x3, Kitchen x1, Lavatory x1, Bath x1

The Barn and Grounds: Farmland x2, Garden x1, Stall x3, Animal Pen x3, Workstation x1, Office x1, Lavatory x1, Archery Range x1

Hired Labor: Stewards x2, Drivers x2, Craftspeople x1


Counts as a Brewery in Bandit’s Rest


Structure - Nithlara’s Farmstead

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