A Slow Assault

In retrospect, it would have been quicker to let Narzeth burn the building down

Kingdom of Arboria, Year 2, Month 9

Following Shella's dramatic entry into the fray, things settled into the somewhat more familiar routine of assaulting a well-manned tower, except with less precision and organization that I am used to.

We cleared the courtyard first. Shella, Kris, and Narzeth dispatched the remaining wolves and gnomebarians (can I call them gnomebarians? They're sort of gnomes, but mostly barbarians) in between us and the tower. Raven lost her raven to a mighty club blow, which left her distraught and ineffective. Gelros, as inspiring as ever, led the battle in song and chant and threw a well-placed spell occasionally. Jaric, in his slow, lumbering way, kept us all standing upright and put in some swings of his own.

The tower itself was more of a challenge. The builders of the stockade had thought the design through thoroughly. The tower boasted overlapping fields of fire on the 1st and 2nd level, as well as murder holes and a labyrinthine interior that made progress difficult. In the end, I believe my return fire through the arrow slits is what allowed us to gain the entryway. In the end, we sent Kris in through the front door (after he conveniently found another pit trap and fell into it for us so we'd all know where it was) and Shella in through the roof with a well-placed rope and grappling hook.The rest was a slog, and eventually a mop-up. Kris broke down two doors, after which he and Jaric were able to fight their way through the ground level. Meanwhile, Shella entered one of her battle trances (rages? frenzies?), tore through the thatch, and cleared the second floor. I could follow her progress through the arrow slits by the blood and screams. Eventually, I too climbed to the roof and followed Shella in. All resistance broke soon after, but  then there was the matter of the fire to deal with. [To be continued…]


but hot damn its still great!

A Slow Assault
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